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Welcome to our Haiku Surf House!  

You’re home away from home during your stay.  Our family is happy to share our little piece of paradise with you to experience what we love so much about our sweet north shore of Maui and small surf town of Haiku.  Our property sits in the heart of Haiku within walking distance to the Pauwela Cannery.  With morning coffee and scones at Baked on Maui cafe or a quick late night snack at the locally owned Pauwela Store, we couldn't have imagined living anywhere else on the North Shore of Maui.  We hope you have a lovely stay and take home some wonderful memories!


Aloha Nui Loa, Amy & Joel

and our sons, Lucas (19), Slater (17), & Trevor (15)

Owners, Haiku Surf Cottage & House


Address: 776 Kihau Place, Haiku HI 96708



Please contact US through your reservation portal (Airbnb, Homeaway/VRBO, website, etc.) or by the contact info below if you need anything!  We are happy to help!

Property Owners:


Amy Varain, cell/text 808-268-4481, email:

Joel Varain, cell/text 808-298-2077, email: 


*We are your main contacts during your stay.  Contact us if we can assist you with anything during your stay.  If we need to come on-site for assistance, it may be one of us or our manager Maile (if we are off island or unavailable) that will assist you.


**We are available during most hours of the day/night and usually respond within 30 mins to 1 hour of receiving your message. However, if you message us after 9pm, we may not respond until the morning unless we see you need immediate assistance. In the case of an emergency please dial 911 for assistance.

Property Manager:   


Maile Davis, cell/text: 808-385-3176 or 808-572-4734 (Home), 



*Maile is available in case you cannot reach us at the numbers above.  She also attends to guests needs onsite for us, when we are off island or unavailable. Reminder: Owners are your first contact.

We hope you enjoy your stay in our Haiku Surf House!!  


Aloha & Mahalo,

Amy & Joel Varain (Owners) 

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CHECKING IN / House rules: 

  • NO SHOES INSIDE HOME, as customary in all Hawaii homes.

  • NO Smoking, No Drugs, No Vaping, No Pets Allowed on Property. Our family is highly allergic to all of the above. This is strictly enforced.  Your stay will be terminated immediately with no refund if violated.

  • Registered guests only allowed on property at all times.  No visitors allowed on property. 

  • Quiet hours are 9pm-8am. No parties, events of any kind or unregistered guests staying overnight please.  Noise and activity by guests must not disturb other guests on our property or neighboring properties. Be respectful of our neighbors!

  • Guests to use existing beds in bedrooms for sleeping during stay, no other bed or couch accommodations available in house per our permit and health code. Max occupancy: 6 guests.

  • Drive slowly (5 MPH) in and out of the driveway, past cottage and on Kihau Place to the main road.

  • Please make sure to use bars in windows, fans & lights are off, doors and sliding glass doors are locked when you leave the home for safety and to help conserve energy while away.

  • You are responsible for all guests and your children, we ask that you respect our home and space and the cleanliness of our home.  Please have all guests eat and drink in the dining area to avoid sticky fingers and spills throughout the home.

  • Please care for our home like it is your own.  Our Maui home may be different from yours but we hope you enjoy your stay and embrace our home and maui culture during your stay.

  • We have a vacation rental at the front of the property. We ask that all property guests be kind and respectful to one another. All guests have permission to walk thru the property and out the back gate to the coffee shop/grocery. 

  • Abide by all house rules located on your rental agreement, here and in our house handbook.

  • We may or may not see you during your stay as we respect our guests privacy as much as possible. However, please notify us right away if you have any issues, suggestions, feedback or questions during your stay.  Please don’t wait till you checkout! Most times we don’t know somethings an issue unless our guests tell us! Your comfort and stay are very important to us and will do our best to make it right, asap! We are always open to improving every chance we get!     


CHECKING OUT / instructions:

CHECK OUT TIME: 11am.  No late check out’s available, unless approved ahead of time.

Please note you are staying in a home, not a hotel, and our professional cleaners charge a set rate because our guests leave the house smilier to how they found it so they can come in and sanitize, clean and make it perfect for great guests like you each and every time. Nothing crazy, but we do have a short list of tidying tasks that we ask you to complete before checkout. We appreciate your help in advance.

  • Please load ALL dirty dishes, silverware and pots and pans into the dishwasher. Add dishwasher detergent, choose 1 hour quick wash and start the cycle before you checkout. As a courtesy we will put the dishes away for you after checkout. 

  • Leave beds as is, we will strip them down and wash.

  • Towels please leave hanging up in bathroom on towel bar or place in bath tub.  Please, Do not hang on shower door or leave on the floor (it will ruin hardwood or carpet)

  • Clean out refrigerator and cupboards of any food and/or your belongings. Throw away all leftover, opened, unboxed or unsealed food.  If you have new, sealed/unopened, boxed/packaged food you may leave in the fridge or on the counter and we will donate to families in need on the island. Due to new health regulations we are unable to donate any food that is not sealed in original package.

  • Make sure all garbage is put in a closed garbage bag, outside in the garbage cans at the front of the property.  See garbage section in our handbook if you have questions about recycling.

  • Lock all doors, put bars in windows, turn off all lights & fans. 

  • Double check all areas of home and outside to make sure you have all your personal belongings. We are not responsible for any items left behind.

  • Let us know that you checked out! Also, please let us know if there was any issues during your stay or if anything is missing/damaged during your stay thru private message (not in your review). **If you have any feedback or suggestions about our home, please message us directly (not in your review) so we can address it right away, most times we don’t know unless our guests tell us! And we would like to fix it before our next guests arrive, if possible! We are always open to improving every chance we get! We love hosting and sharing our home and local maui lifestyle with guests like yourselves!

  • SAFE TRAVELS HOME.  We work hard to offer our guests a 5-STAR stay in our home.  Please leave a REVIEW of what you loved about our home and our area for our future guests.  Also share our property information with friends and family as we love referrals from our guests.  We will return the favor and review you as well. We love hosting guests of all walks of life and keep it simple… if you communicated well, followed all house rules, and cared for our home during your stay, then you can expect a 5 star review from us too!                                   


  • Internet & WIFI are provided while staying at our home.

  • WIFI: NETGEAR72, password: grandfinch068


HOUSE entry / exit:

  • to unlock: 1.Punch in your keyless keypad code. 2. While the green light is flashing, push down on the lever to open the door. 3. When the green light stops flashing the door will return to auto-lock position.

  • to lock:  1. Make sure on the inside of the house on the door handle the knob at the top is in the horizontal locked position (left to right). 2. This puts the door lock into auto-lock so the door can not be opened from the outside without the code. 3. If you want the door handle to remain unlocked, put this same knob in the vertical position (up and down) and the knob will stay unlocked on both sides. 



  • 2 parking spaces are provided for you, 1 located on the gravel driveway on the right side of the home entrance and the other located in front of the home, see parking signs. We poured gravel recently to make driving in and out easier. It is best to back up all the way out of the driveway when it is wet or muddy. PLEASE be careful backing up and do not drive over plants in yard.

  • Please drive slowly (5 MPH) in and out of the driveway, past the cottage and down Kihau Place to the main road.  Watch for children and dogs at play.



  • We live on a great street with great neighbors. However, we always recommend that you lock the house doors and cars at night and when you leave the home. If you have any issues please let us know. 

  • Every window has a bar in the track so the windows so you can leave the windows open during the day when your gone and feel like your belongings are secure inside the home. Once you are home we recommend you remove the bars and open up all the windows and let the air inside to keep the house cool. This is a remodeled older cane home, so the windows don’t have safety locks built in. 

  • The sliding glass door in the dining area can manually be locked from the inside and we recommend that you put the piece of wood in the track when you are not home or at night time as an extra lock. This door is older and the lock is not so good by itself.

  • The same is true when you park your car any where on island.  Put away all belongings out of site or in the trunk and lock your doors.  This will prevent break-ins of your vehicle.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES:  Call 911 for emergency services

  • Nearest Hospital: Maui Memorial Medical Center, 221 Mahalani St, Wailuku, HI 96793 (808) 244-9056 (15.6 miles, about 30 minutes form our property)

  • Nearest Fire Department: Paia Fire Department, 179 Hana Hwy, Paia, HI 96779 (808) 579-9588 (6.8 miles, about 15 minutes from our property)

  • Nearest Police Department: Maui Police Department, 55 Mahalani St, Wailuku, HI 96793 (808) 244-6400 (15.2 miles, about 30 minutes from our property)

  • POWER OUTAGES: They don’t happen too often but if the power goes out on our property it’s usually caused by a downed power line or transformer in the neighborhood. Because we are on the same power grid as the local cannery/cafe/grocery, our power tends to be restored as quickly as possible. Give us a call if this happens and we will try to provide information from our local power utility and support you during the power outage. We have an emergency kit available for you during power outages located in the cupboard above the kitchen stove.

  • HURRICANES: Hurricane season in Hawaii is June through November. Hawaii is not as prone to hurricanes as many other locales (such as the Caribbean), so it’s not likely you will experience one here. We occasionally have a hurricane storm pass near the islands, kicking up some interesting waves and weather for a day or so. But the last time the Hawaiian Islands were actually struck full force by a hurricane was September 11, 1992 – Hurricane Iniki. Call us if you have any concerns during your stay.

  • FLASH FLOOD WARNINGS: Flash  floods can occur when we receive several amounts of rain in a short period of time or long durations of heavy rain.  On an island all rain goes down to the ocean which means small streams can become rushing rivers in a matter of minutes from the accumulation of rain.  When maui issues a flash flood warning be cautious of driving roads near streams and watch for downed trees and change in terrain while driving.  Stay out of streams and waterfalls during these warnings and out of any brown ocean water (caused by excess water runoff - which can contain high amounts of bacteria). Call us if you have any concerns during your stay.


Locate the back gate with painted flowers on it and coffee sign.  This is the walk-thru gate.

TO LEAVE YARD: pull gate toward you, unlatch and walk thru, close gate behind you. - make sure it latched.

TO ENTER YARD: 1. open lockbox door 2. enter code 8124 3. Pull down lockbox to open gate 4. BEFORE CLOSING GATE = close lockbox, scramble code  5. Then shut the gate behind you. This will lock the gate behind you to keep others from accessing our yard and walking thru.  IMPORTANT: DOUBLE CHECK YOU SCRAMBLED THE CODE ON THE BOX AND CLOSED GATE BEHIND YOU. 

PLEASE KEEP GATE CLOSED AND LOCKED DURING YOUR STAY.  Do not share lockbox code with others or yell out the lockbox code for everyone to hear.  


As mentioned in our property listings when you booked, we have security Ring cameras on the property to monitor each front door, the driveway entrance and back gate to our property. We use these to monitor our property when it is vacant, verify contactless checkin and during late night hours 11pm-5am. We respect our guests and have camera notifications turned off during your stay except during late night hours or in an emergency.  The 3 cameras on property are located in visible places that are outside in the front yards facing directions that would not compromise privacy during your stay. Please do not disturb or move cameras at anytime during your stay. Contact us if you have questions. 

HAIKU Weather:

  • The house cools down really fast if you open all windows up and sliding glass door when you get home.  

  • We have been experiencing warmer temperatures and less rain this past year it seems which is unpredictable and unusual for our area on island.  Most homes on our north shore were built without AC or heaters as it is not usually needed in our area.  But with the warmer temperatures many homeowners do not have an easy or cost effective way to add AC to our older cane homes made out of cinder blocks.  So bare with us if we have unusually warm weather during your stay.   Our whole side of the island is experiencing this change in weather and is trying to find solutions.  We have provided extra fans in the closets to help circulate the air inside the house and are continually adding improvements like window awnings, attic insulation, black out curtains and more to find solutions.

  • During warmer days we recommend you head to the beach or adventure upcountry for the day for a hike and then return in the late afternoon/ evening when temps cool back down at night time. 

  • The weather in Haiku changes often.  It is normal for us to receive a little rain throughout the day and each night.  If you leave we recommend that you bring in any items that are left outside or they may get wet while you are gone.  Always bring things in at night as it is normal for us to receive rain showers nightly.

  • We also have found that when it rains hard if you close up the windows, it keeps the moisture out of the home.  Then when it is sunny open the windows back up to let the fresh air in.  We recommend you close all windows when you venture out for the day.

  • If it is raining in Haiku, there is usually sun somewhere on island.  Head toward Paia or Lahaina which have different weather patterns than Haiku.  Many times you will find sun these directions.


  • We live in a tropical climate which means you may see bugs during your stay which is completely normal just like in our own home.  BUT in Hawaii, none of the bugs you will see can harm you. You may see geckos, lizards, cane spiders, daddy long legs, ants, nats, large or small cockroaches, centipedes etc…(the centipede can sting you if you kick it, so don’t mess with them) We do spray the inside and outside of our homes quarterly, however this will not completely stop bugs from coming inside, especially if you keep the doors open during your stay. We are always doing our best to keep our homes as clean as possible so we do not have bugs in our homes. So if you see any, they are all harmless, just get them outside or use the fly swatter in the pantry to get rid of it.  Please let us know if you have any issues during your stay, so we can address it right away.

  • To keep our home bug free, keep all food and fruit in the fridge or in closed bags.  Do not leave food out on the counters. Take garbage out daily or often especially if you put food in the garbage.  Also keep sink strainers in kitchen sink while not in use, to keep bugs from coming in from plumbing drains.



  • The Armoire houses a TV, board games, Wireless internet router. 



  • The TV is located in the large living room armoire. Black TV controller is located inside TV armoire. Power button is located on the top right button of black controller. Please do not let children play with the TV remote.  There is a Fee of $50 for damaged or lost remotes.

  • Netflix is provided for you to enjoy movies and TV shows. Please let us know if you have questions on how to use the TV. 

    • Netflix – choose Netflix button on controller, launch Netflix- press ok.  Our login should already be in there for you, however just in case: Login:, Pswd: Haikusurf (power outages can cause the login to reset).

  • This is a Smart TV and gives you access to many apps for FREE such as WATCHFREE TV and IHEARTRADIO for music.  

    • WATCHFREE- Choose app at the bottom of home screen, then scroll thru the menu to pick a show to watch.

    • IHEARTRADIO- Choose IHEARTRADIO on controller, ignore login screen by showing last option “maybe later” and push ok.  Then select the type of music you like to listen to.

  • We DO NOT have Cable in this home as we have found our guests are usually out enjoying the island during their stay and not home watching TV.

  • If you pay for a TV provider at your personal home you are able to watch the same shows on our smart TV by logging in using your Login and password from your TV provider.  Refer to your TV provider for more information. Just be sure to logout when your stay at our home ends. 



  • Do not leave any food out on counters as it will attract bugs and ants to the house.

  • We recommend putting everything in the fridge or in a sealed container.
    Feel free to use spices or anything you find in the cupboards. There is a pantry located at the end of the kitchen for your use as well. The trash can is located in the pantry.

  • Extra kitchen towels are located in the drawer with the pot holders to the right of the stove.

  • There is a garbage disposal when needed but we ask that you put large food items, bones, oil, etc in the trash rather than down the sink. When in doubt throw it out. 

  • DISHWASHER is available for your convenience. Dishwasher detergent is located under the kitchen sink.  We recommend you use the 1 hour quick wash cycle during your stay. You may also put one last load of dishes in before you checkout on 1 hour quick wash and we will kindly put away your dishes from the dishwasher for you as a courtesy after you checkout.  

  • GARBAGE can is located in the pantry closet at the end of the kitchen. Make sure to bag up any leftover food and take out the trash often to avoid attracting bugs to spoiled food in the garbage.

  • MICROWAVE is located in the pantry closet at the end of the kitchen.



  • There is a table that seats 6 comfortably.  

  • Please make sure all food and drinks are consumed at the table and not in the living room or bedrooms to keep spills, messes and sticking fingers off the furniture and walls. And to avoid attracting bugs in the home.



  • Master Bedroom has a queen bed, made up with fresh clean linens for your use. There is clothes storage and extra blanket in the closet. A desk and chair for your business needs. Outdoor shower motion light is located on the wall to the left as you enter the master bedroom. If the bedside lamps do not turn with the wall light switch, check the switch on the lamp itself to make sure it is turned on. 

  • Bedroom 2: 1 queen bed with fresh clean linens, nightstand and clothes storage and extra blanket in the closet.  If the bedside lamp does not turn with the wall light switch, check the switch on the lamp itself to make sure it is turned on.

  • Bedroom 3: 2 twin beds with fresh clean linens, nightstand and clothes storage and extra blanket in the closet.  If the bedside lamp does not turn with the wall light switch, check the switch on the lamp itself to make sure it is turned on.



  • Beach towels and storage is available in the small hall closet. The large closet is used to store our house supplies and is locked and not for guest use.



  • Do not flush anything down toilet except provided toilet paper. This includes paper towels, feminine products, facial wipes, baby wipes, flushable wipes, etc. We are on a septic system which means ONLY TOILET PAPER can be flushed. 

  • More toilet paper is available in the small bathroom closet. A vacuum, broom/dustpan, iron/ironing board is also stored here as well. Under the bathroom sink you will find more cleaning supplies.

  • Shampoo, Conditioner and Body wash is provided during your stay. These are our own refillable containers with Ginger Lily Farms Club and fitness quality products inside. The Shampoo & Conditioner are citrus scent - 100% vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate, phosphate & paraben free. The body wash is island tranquility - green tea lemongrass scent, 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben & sulfate free.  

  • Shower/bath: Please wipe down glass shower doors with provided squeegee after each use. 

  • No Hair dyeing or spray tanning allowed during your stay in our home.

  • White Bath Towels are provided for your use in the bathroom closet (do not take these towels to the beach). Please be mindful that some facial/hair products or sunscreen can discolor sheets and towels. 

  • Beach towels are located in small hall closet for your use to take to the beach. 



  • On the side of the house at the end of the outdoor seating area is a private outdoor shower! It is so nice to take a shower out here, even in the rain!  If you come home from the beach and are sandy this is a perfect place to rinse off/ shower cause you can rinse off all the sand too. There is hot and cold water. Just bring out a towel and you’re all set. May take a minute or two for water to get hot. 

  • There is a motion light inside the shower so you can take showers at night too!  If the light does not turn on, double check the light switch is on, located on the wall as you enter the master bedroom.

  • Shampoo, Conditioner and Body wash is provided during your stay. These are our own refillable containers with Ginger Lily Farms Club and fitness quality products inside. The Shampoo & Conditioner are citrus scent - 100% vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate, phosphate & paraben free. The body wash is island tranquility - green tea lemongrass scent, 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben & sulfate free.  



  • You will find 2 beach chairs, a beach umbrella, coolers and possibly beach toys and boogie boards if we have any for your beach use, in this area.  There is also rain umbrellas located here too.  Please make sure to return any items you use during your stay.  

  • Please do not remove or take any other items off the property unless approved first. This will help to avoid extra charges for lost, damaged or missing items.



  • We do not offer guest laundry service on our property.  What we have found as a vacation rental is that when we have guests staying with us for 2-3 nights at a time, many times those guests have stayed elsewhere on island without laundry service. When they arrive at our house the first thing guests do is a weeks worth of laundry for their family which is more than normal use for our residential home.  Now we have new guests coming in every few days to do laundry like this (for the past week they did not stay in our home) and we are using triple or more the water and electricity for the laundry amenity that has been allowed for our home.  We are not a hotel and have to be mindful of our resources allotted for our 800 sq ft home.  Our residential vacation rental permit is a privilege to have in Maui. To offer our home to guests, we have a permit responsibility to not let our travelers impact or effect our area or neighborhood or our permit can be revoked. This is why we do not offer laundry to our guests.  We appreciate your understanding. 

  • The washer and dryer are in a locked area and not for guest use. However, the washer/dryer will be accessed by our cleaners for the cottage and house cleanings and by the owners when occupying the owners studio during the hours of 11am-5pm. 

  • For daily beach items such as bathing suits and beach towels we recommend you rinse bathing suits off in the hose and hang dry with the beach towels on the hooks in front in the covered walkway next to the entrance or on the clothing line outside the back door in the house. 

  • Nearest laundromat: Pukalani Superette - 20 minute drive from our home in a shopping center in Pukalani (google it for directions)

​REMEMBER Please help us conserve energy and water in our home.  Our Hawaii resources are precious and we have been experiencing drought conditions each year.  Just like in your own home, when you leave during the day, TURN OFF fans, lights, and lock the doors behind you.  We appreciate your care for our home.


  • We have wonderful neighbors/friends surrounding our property. We hope you will enjoy the neighborhood during your stay.   Don’t forget to say Hi or wave if they smile your way!

  • Our front cottage on our property is also a vacation rental “Haiku Surf Cottage” and will be rented during your stay. 

  • Our owners studio next to the home is for owners use only. It may or may not be occupied during your stay. It has its own yard and entrance at the front of the home that is not for guest use.  

  • It is a privilege to have a vacation rental in a residential neighborhood in Maui. If we get any complaints from our neighbors we could lose our vacation rental permit.  Therefore, Please remember our neighbors are not on vacation.  These are their private homes, where they raise their families. They work regular jobs and have to get up to go to work daily.  We appreciate our guests respecting our neighborhood quiet hours of 9pm-8am. 

  • Our favorite saying we share with our guests is: “You don’t have to be Hawaiian to be local and belong, you just have to have ALOHA!”



  • The Cleaning fee collected, only covers basic cleaning per CDC standards, sanitizing and washing of all linens and towels; to get it ready for our next guests. Please make sure you clean the home to keep it in the way it was when you received it. If the home requires a deep cleaning, an extra cleaning fee may apply.  

  • For guests staying longer than 7 days, an additional cleaning service can be arranged during your stay for an additional cost.  Contact the owners to schedule this service.

  • For guests staying longer than 30 days, we suggest you clean the home regularly as if you would your own home.  Cleaning supplies are in the home.  OR Consider scheduling an additional cleaning every 4-6 weeks to help you maintain the home during your stay.



  • There is a large yard for your use.  Enjoy the fresh herbs and fruit in the yard when they are in season! Make sure you wash all herbs thoroughly before using by soaking in a water and soap bath.  You will find 2 varieties of avocado, mango and a grapefruit tree on our property. There are also fruit stands all over the neighborhood as you are driving that you can stop at to get local fruits. Happy cooking! 

  • Avocados: Our variety of avocados are ripe when they fall to the ground - usually end of July thru September.  We recommend you do not pick off the tree as it will take a long time to ripen this way and most likely will not be ready to eat during your stay, if you are only staying with us a few days.

  • Back gate- with flowers on it gives you access to pass thru our yard to the cannery. You will need a gate code to get back in our property. SEE GATE CODE ON WELCOME SHEET Please keep the gate closed to ensure the privacy of the property. Our Cottage guests from the front house on property will also use gate access to pass through to walk to cannery. It works best to hold the handle on the gate as you unlatch the gate from the inside.

  • No one else should be accessing the cannery through the property. If you see anyone else walking through, kids or unknown adults, you can kindly let them know it is private property and to please use the surrounding neighborhood streets to walk around. 



GARDENER: The yard will be mowed and maintained by our Gardener.  He will be on property every other TUESDAY after 9am. (If it is raining on Tuesday he will come again when it is sunny, if it looks a little wild we apologize as it has probably been too rainy to mow)  If you are home on this day expect some noise on the property for a few hours while he tends to the yards to keep them beautiful.  This is a regularly scheduled maintenance service, therefore we appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any disturbance during your stay.  Please let us know if you run across any issues or have questions. 

mail / package delivery

  • Guests cannot receive mail or packages at our home or property.

  • We are not responsible for any packages or mail sent to our home.  We do not regularly receive mail at our home therefore we cannot guarantee any packages will be received at our addresses. However, these are our homes too.  If a package is delivered for Amy or Joel Varain, please accept them and let us know a package was delivered.  Thanks!

  • We recommend if you need something sent to you during your stay that you have it delivered to a mailbox store in Wailuku or Makawao for pickup.

  • If you are staying for a longer period (30+ days) of time we recommend that you get a P.O. Box in Makawao or Paia to receive your mail.  It is a safer and easier method to receive your USPS mail. This can be setup and paid for online before you arrive.  



  • There is 1 garbage bin in the kitchen for your use in the pantry closet at the end of the kitchen.  There is also a small bathroom garbage and a small garbage under the desk in the master bedroom. We recommend you empty the kitchen garbage regularly to keep bugs away.  If you throw away food in the garbage I recommend to first put in a sealed ziplock bag before throwing away.  Since this is the tropics, bugs find anything that is left out or open!   

  • Empty bagged Garbage into any of the 5 garbage cans at the front entrance of the property across from the cottage. Make sure all garbage is in a closed bag before putting in the garbage can. 

  • Maui does not have Recycle curbside service.  If you would like to recycle during your stay you can put it in a separate bag and take to the recycle center 5 minutes from the cottage on Pauwela Road at Hana Hwy, near the Haiku Community Center.  Recycling Drop-Off for cardboard, newspaper, glass, plastic bottles, aluminum and tin cans.  Redeeming HI5 deposit bottles and cans too.  Hours: Residential Recycling: Daylight Hours, HI5 Redemption: Wed-Sun 8:30am-4:30pm. We apologize for any inconvenience, Maui is a little behind when it comes to recycling.

Garbage PICKUP

  • Curbside Garbage service is scheduled for early Friday mornings (around 6am).  Don’t forget to take out any garbage and put into cans by garbage cans, Thursday afternoon. All garbage must fit inside the cans with the lids on.  We have a neighbor take the garbage cans to the street for pickup and will return them Friday morning to the front of the property.  We appreciate your care and respect to help maintain a clean home environment during your stay.  

  • NOTE: Our garbage is for property guests food and waste only.  Do not throw any personal items such as broken luggage, broken boogie boards, large or heavy items you are discarding before leaving island etc.  You will need to drop off these extra personal items at the Maui dump located in Wailuku.  They will accept these items before you depart island. (any items left behind at checkout to discard on behalf of our guests will incur extra fees to remove and discard)  If you have items that you want to donate, please let us know what they are.  If we are not able to find use for them at our property then we can recommend somewhere for you to donate them to. 





(our favorite restaurants are marked with **)


Haiku-PAWELA CANNERY: You are welcome to walk through our yard and out the back gate (go right) to walk to the Pauwela Cannery.  Some of the stores are listed below.

    • GROCERY: Pauwela Grocery Store– Open 8am-10pm.  Small organic grocery store with fresh healthy local products.  Beer, wine and spirits too. Also carries gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan options.  Similar to a small whole foods.  Locally owned by our friends. This store is open later than any other store in Haiku for those late night snacks!

    • **CAFE’: Baked on Maui—Open 6:30am-4pm Breakfast, lunch, coffee, pastries, desserts

    • Haiku Hardware– where you can find just about anything for household items. 8am-5pm Mon-Sat, Sunday 8am-3pm.

    • Quatro- windsurfing & more store

    • Dakine store - local surf shop


HAIKU MARKETPLACE: 5 min drive to this main area of Haiku, has larger grocery store, restaurants, post office and more.  Main area of Haiku. Most businesses close around 9pm.

    • GROCERY: Haiku Grocery, Open 7am-9pm. Larger Grocery Store with major food brands offered.  Great fresh Poke’ in deli case and homemade banana bread!

    • RESTAURANTS: all restaurants in our area close around 9pm or sooner.

      • **Nuka: Sushi restaurant - our favorite! Dinner only. This is a ramen house for lunch. Closes around 9:30pm

      • **Colleens: All american- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, large portions, decent prices. Closes around 9:30pm

      • **Vegout: vegetarian cuisine- Lunch, Dinner. good prices, good food. Closes early, 7:30pm

      • Various Food Trucks and other small cafe’s in area as well. Thai, Greek, Fish tacos, local grinds, open lunch & dinner

PAIA TOWN: 15 min drive from our house, you passed thru this beach side town on the way to our house. 

    • GROCERY: Mana Foods, Open 8am-8:30pm. Larger health food store, has more vegan, gluten free and homeopathic options similar to Whole Foods but less expensive than the whole foods on island.

    • RESTAURANTS: all restaurants close by 9:30pm

      • **Flatbread Pizza: pizza, salad, beer- Lunch, Dinner, everyones favorite!

      • **Paia Fish Market: best Mahi Mahi Burger, reg burgers or tacos and more, lunch, dinner

      • **Thai Spice: small hole in the wall with wonderful Thai food! lunch, dinner

      • Milagros: Mexican food with an american flare, lunch, dinner

      • Cafe' Des Amis: Mediterranean food, breakfast, lunch, dinner

      • Cafe’ Mambo: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, mix of food


MAKAWAO TOWN: 15 min drive upcountry from our house.

    • RESTAURANTS: all restaurants close by 9:30pm

      • Polli’s mexican grill: great margaritas & mexican food, lunch & dinner

      • Cassanova’s: Italian food, a bit pricey, lunch & dinner

      • SIP ME: Coffee cafe’ with gluten free and vegan options for pastries

      • **Komoda’s donuts and general store:  best donuts & Hawaiian rolls on island!  Go early and yes there may be a line out the door!  Closed Wednesday & Sunday

Map of Maui 1.jpg
Maui Map 2.jpg
Haleakala image.jpg
Hana pools image.jpg
Maui beaches.jpg


THANK YOU for booking your stay at our HAIKU SURF PROPERTY (House and/or Cottage) on the island of Maui! We like to give our guests the best experience possible while staying in our homes. To enhance your stay we have provided below the inside scoop for booking activities and things happening throughout the year.  We hope you find this useful information

when planning your adventures on Maui.    Your Hosts, Amy & Joel


Our property is located in Haiku on Maui’s North shore. (see Red marker on the map, this is the location of our Haiku Surf House & Cottage) See map below to get an idea of what is surrounding our area and the time it will take to travel there. We are in a very central location to all Maui has to offer. From our property the farthest point you can drive in any direction is at the most 1-2 hours away. We hope this helps you plan your stay! 














Kahului Airport (OGG), 20-30 minutes away from our property depending on traffic.



Maui24/7 facebook page and & Facebook page: Maui Watch. For the best local news and happenings around the island of Maui. If I want to know the most up to date info I always check these 2 Facebook pages first. You can see accidents and highways to avoid, severe weather updates and news. This is the first place local residents report happenings around the island.


Weather Watch Hawaii APP for your mobile phone for the most up to date island weather. Depending on which side of the island you are visiting the weather can be quite different. Maui has it’s own weather patterns on island. Just because it says rain for the day does not necessarily mean rain all day or across the whole island. Many times it rains in Haiku but it is dry in Paia 15 minutes away! We recommend checking the weather in the area you are visiting on island before you venture out for the day.


Check out the surf report and beach cams on Maui here:


Hurricane watch/warning: Hurricane season is June 1st - Nov 30th. Maui has been quite lucky and hasn't had a severe hurricane in many years. The big island of Hawaii protects the island of Maui and usually the storms dissipate before making it to Maui. However, during hurricane season we can experience some more than warmer days if the hurricanes pass close by our island because it sucks up all the wind and rain into the ocean. We are always available to help if an issue arises during your stay.


Flash Flood watch/warning: when there is heavy rains upcountry, even though it may not be raining where you are on island, take it serious and be cautious. If you experience a Flash flood watch/warning please be cautious on the road to Hana as the streams and waterfalls can become extremely fast and furious from all the rain coming down from upcountry. Many times, during heavy rains roads may be closed due to excessive water on the road or streams overflowing, downed trees, etc. Just know that a waterfall or stream can change from a slow, small stream to a roaring one in a matter of seconds.



Detailed list of events each month on Maui check this out:

Quick little read about our North Shore:


We have partnered with this company so we can offer great prices on tours, activities, luau's and more.

Check out Ziplining, Horseback riding, bike tours, hiking tours, and more on our north shore plus activities on all of Maui and all Hawaiian Islands: 


Use this link to book:

LUAU RECOMMENDATIONS:  There are many luau’s on Maui these are just our favorites!


SAVE $$$: Click HERE to Book your luau with discount prices for our Surf Property guests!


Old Lahaina Luau in Lahaina, most popular luau on island. Call to reserve a few months in advance.

Feast at Lele in Lahaina

Grand Wailea Luau Wailea


If you are looking for infant equipment, beach gear, snorkel gear, and more during your stay check out this website to lighten your luggage load! Why bring it when you can rent it and have it delivered to where you are staying!


Surfboard/boogie Board/Windsurf/SUP rentals in Kahului near airport:  Windsurf, SUP and Surfboard rentals  Windsurf, SUP rentals


WANT TO LEARN TO SURF we recommend going to Kihei for the day and renting a surfboard across the street at Maui Wave Riders. You can even sign up for a surf lesson here to guarantee you’ll get up on a wave!


"THE COVE" in Kihei is the best "learn to surf" or "beginner" spot on the whole island.  There is a place to rent surfboards directly across the street from here and you can also take a surf lesson as well. 


Beginner surf spots Maui:


**Please note there are several beaches and surf breaks on Maui that are not beginner surf spots.  Surfing is the main sport of the locals young and old on island.  We want you to have a good experience enjoying and learning the sport. This is why it is important to take a lesson first so you can learn surfing code and the ocean basics before heading out into the water.  Also learn at a beginner beach where the ocean, waves and people are more forgiving as surfing and the ocean is beautiful, but can get very dangerous quickly.  And most important of all, always remember to surf with Aloha! 



There are not a lot of options on our side of the island for snorkel rentals since we are not on the tourist side of the island. However there are companies that deliver rentals to you during your stay from beach gear, snorkel gear, baby gear, etc. Check this out:


Or another option is if you are snorkeling on another side of the island such as Kihei or Lahaina you will be able to rent gear for the day in that area saving your money on having the rental for your whole stay.

Snorkel beach guide:

MASSAGE RECOMMENDATION IN OUR AREA: in Makawao about 15 mins from our property. You can make an appointment online before you arrive or during your stay. Many different Hawaiian massage choices and couples massages available. Known for a wonderful Hawaiian experience. in Haiku about 5 mins away from our property.  Deep Relief has a reputation as the best place to go for therapeutic and sports massage. Their therapists are trained in myofascial release, lomi lomi, and other effective techniques to release tension and reduce pain.



Esthetics by Valerie located in Haiku about 2 mins from our property. Bringing the Hotel Spa closer to you, Valerie has opened up her home spa to give you the same treatments she provides Wailea Hotel Spa clients without the hassle of the drive. Call or email to schedule your private appointment so she can fit you in during your stay. Valerie Dunn, 808-281-6404, (see brochure attached)




UPCOUNTRY FARMERS MARKET, Sat 7am-11am The best local farmers market on our side of the island is on Saturday’s in Kula Malu Town Center Hwy. 37 near Long's Drugs, Pukalani/Kula


MAKAWAO FARMERS MARKET, Wed 8am-1pm in Wai Puna Chapel in Kula. Corner of Omaopio Rd & Kula Highway, Makawao, HI 96768

You can also find locally picked fruit on fruit stands on the side of the road as you are driving to our house where you take fruit in exchange for a few dollars. There are also markets around us that source local fruit from farmers so you can enjoy fresh island fruits during your stay.


PAUWELA STORE within walking distance from our house has a great organic selection of fruits and veggies from local farmers. Also


MANA FOODS in Paia has a wonderfully large selection of local fruits and veggies as well.


RENTAL CARS, TRAFFIC AND/OR ROAD DELAYS, and yes everyone is on Maui time around here!


We recommend that our guests RENT A RENTAL CAR when staying at our property. Our Property is on the non-tourist side of the island. Therefore we do not have many amenities within walking distance from our property besides the handful of shops within walking distance. The closest bus stop is 1.5 miles from our house and is not an easy walk from our homes. Uber and taxies don’t travel our side of the island regularly therefore you will have longer wait times if using this as travel mode, which may effect your trip. Check out, or for rental car choices on island.

Maui is one of the top travel destinations in the world with Maui tourists increasing our island population by 2/3 during most months now! Wow! Even though the North shore is not considered the tourist side of Maui, most tourists have discovered our North shore beauty and Travel thru on tour buses and cars on their way to visit the sites surrounding our area.

Traffic tends to occur usually morning between 7:30-8:30am and afternoon 3:30-6:00pm most days. If you are headed thru Paia around this time in either direction, there can be 10-15 min traffic delays, so plan accordingly. Traffic is usually caused by locals going to and from work in addition to the many tourists traveling to visit our area for the day or traveling to Hana from the other side of the island where they are staying. That is the benefit of staying on our side of the island during your stay as you are so much closer to see the sites on the North shore and upcountry without having to drive in traffic back to the West or South side of the island where most tourists stay. Just remember to relax, take your time and look around you, you’re in Maui!


How to explore the island of maui in 4 days by Amy Varain

  • The island of Maui can be split up into 4 areas.  To see the island I recommend you choose an area to explore each day as there is something for everyone in each.  Our home is in the ideal location because it is really in the middle of all directions to make it easy to explore the whole island during your stay.  You can ask us for recommendations of food, activities, things not to miss or our favorites in each area or look at the many magazines or online to find the right activity for your family vacation.

  • Lahaina / Kaanapali Area - west Maui - 1 hour from our home, Major attractions: Front street, Shopping, where most tourists stay on Maui- Hotel row. Charter Boat activities at the Lahaina harbor, Honolua Bay

  • Hana Area - east Maui - 2 hours from our home, Major attractions: Seven Sacred Pools, Bamboo forest, Waterfalls, black sand beach, red sand beach, Waianapanapa caves, Twin Falls

  • Kihei/Wailea Area - south Maui - 45 mins from our home, Major attractions: High end shopping at Shops at Wailea, High end hotel row, Resort Spas, Big beach (Makena Beach), snorkeling, calm Kihei beaches, lava hike 

  • Haiku/Upcountry Area - north Maui - 15 mins to an hour from our home, Major Attractions: great walking towns of Paia & Makawao for shopping & dining, Mama’s Fish house, Haleakala Crater, Kula Botanical Gardens, Ziplining, Hookipa Beach



  • No matter where you are on island feel free to message us thru Airbnb to find out where to eat, surf, activities, and more.  We are happy to give you recommendations and tips on the go so you can experience Maui to the fullest


  • Hookipa Beach is 5.5 mile drive from here  (Turtles on beach, surfing, windsurfing) TIP: Watch the surfers & windsurfers from the lookout points!

  • Paia Town & Baldwin Beach/Baby Beach is 8.8 mile drive from here (nice walks, swimming-baby beach) FAMILY TIP: If you have kids Baby Beach is the best beach on the North shore!

  • Makawao is 8 mile drive from here (great food and small business shopping here, every 3rd Friday there is a town party) EATING TIP: Try Komodo’s donuts for sweet treat in the morning or Makawao Steak House for Dinner

  • Hana is 2 hours from here (beautiful tropical rainforest drive, waterfalls, red/black sand beach) WEATHER TIP: check the weather and watch for Flash Flood Warnings in this area.  

  • Lahaina is 1 hour from here (usually SUNNY when the rest of the island is raining! Beaches, shopping, food, nightlife, where the tourists & cruise ships go! Something for everyone!) TIP: if it is raining in Haiku go toward Lahaina usually sunny when everywhere else is raining!

  • Kihei is 40 mins from here, and Wailea is 45 mins from here (calm beaches, food, high end shopping) TIP: Eat at Coconuts in Kihei for Best Fish Tacos!  Drive out past Wailea Beach for best snorkeling spot. 

  • Some of our favorite places are located on our guidebook link on our Airbnb listing.  We also printed our guidebook out for you to view and is located on the next few pages.  We hope you enjoy exploring the island of Maui with some of our favorite stops!


These are the 2 most popular tourist attractions on our side of the island. These are both part of the same Haleakala state park of Hawaii. If you buy an entrance fee at one park entrance (summit) it is good for a free entry to the other park entrance (pools) within 3 days.


HALEAKALA (Summit District): If you are planning to see the sunrise at the park you will need a reservation. Recommend getting the reservation as soon as possible (up to 60 days in advance) and at least 2 weeks before you want to go. If you are unable to get the reservation we recommend going for sunset as it can be just as spectacular. Wear warm clothes and layers to visit as it can be very cold, windy and sometimes even snows at the top! See tours if you want to bike ride down the volcano or go on a tour bus. It will take about 1 hour, 20 mins to get to the visitor center at the summit. SEE MORE DETAILS BELOW...








Sunrise and Sunset on HALEAKALA

One of Maui’s most memorable experiences is seeing the Haleakala sunrise or sunset from almost 10,000 feet above sea level, and like anything worthwhile, it take some planning. Here are a few tips to make the most of your Haleakala expedition.

Make A Reservation


The NATIONAL PARK SERVICE REQUIRES A RESERVATION for visitors in personal and rental vehicles to enter the Summit District from 3:00 am to 7:00 am to view the sunrise. The one-day $1.50 sunrise reservation can be made up to 60 days in advance. The park entrance fee is separate and payable on the day of visit.

Come Early

Depending where you get started from on Maui, it can take you up to two hours to drive the Haleakala Highway (HI 37) and then up the winding Haleakala Crater Road leading to the summit of Haleakala. It’s an early wake-up call, but the reward is well worth it. Drive past the Park Visitors Center at 7,000 feet to get to the Haleakala Visitors Center at 9,740 feet. Try to arrive at the Haleakala Visitor Center no later than a half hour before the sun rises — earlier for a good spot. In the summer the sun rises as early as 5:38 AM, in the winter as late as 6:55 AM. The color of the sky and clouds before daybreak are stunning.

Bring Warm Clothes

This is Hawaii but it gets very cold at the summit. The temperature drops 3o for every 1000 feet of elevation, so at the Haleakala Visitor Center’s 9,740-foot elevation (where most people watch the sunrise) it’s about 30o colder than at sea level. Be sure to bring pants, shoes, layers of clothing, and blankets. Temperatures are often in the 40-degree range.


Pick Up Breakfast

Although there are restroom facilities there is no food or gas sold within the park. So fill up your tank and bring some food and drink for an early morning breakfast. And most importantly don’t forget your camera.


Stay Beyond Sunrise


One of the most common mistakes visitors make (besides wearing shorts) is to leave immediately after the sun rises. If you stay just ten to twenty minutes later you’ll be treated to an incredible show as the colors of dawn stretch across the landscape of the Haleakala National Park. Encompassing over 30,000 acres of public land, the park offers hiking trails, pre-arranged horseback riding tours and more endangered species than any other National Park.



Not an early riser? Take a leisurely drive up the summit and give yourself some time to explore before the sun goes down. Sunset at Haleakala, with its flaming clouds, is as breathtaking as its morning counterpart although a little less known. And just as with the sunrise, bring a snack, drinks and hang out for a while as the quiet of dusk transforms into a starry night.

More information: (808) 572-4400; HTTP://WWW.NPS.GOV/HALE


These are magnificent pools that cascade into the ocean from the Summit of Haleakala. If there is too much
rain or a flash flood warning this park may be closed for safety reasons. We recommend checking out the pools but also for the more adventurous person, take the bamboo forest hike from the visitor parking lot up to the upper waterfall. (1.5-2 hours one way depending on your family) Recommend hiking shoes or water shoes that will get muddy, this is the rainforest! So have some water in the car to rinse off your feet and a pair of flip flops in the car to change into afterward. But it is well worth the hike to see the magnificent bamboo forest, a wonderful banyan tree, bridges and wood planked trails on your way to the upper waterfall. Awesome photo opportunities along the way. It will take about 2 hours, 15 mins to get to the Seven Sacred Pools of Ohe’o which is about 12 miles past the town of Hana. (depends on how many stops you make along the way) SEE MORE GOOD INFORMATION TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO...

More information: (808) 572-4400; HTTP://WWW.NPS.GOV/HALE

The Kīpahulu District of Haleakalā National Park can be accessed by driving 12 miles past the town of Hāna, on the famous Hāna Highway that circumscribes the northeast coast of the island of Maui. This area of the coast has been inhabited by native people for hundreds of years and remains an integral part of a thriving culture. Visitors to the Kīpahulu District are treated to views of waterfalls, sweeping ocean vistas, and Hawaiian cultural experiences.

Know before you go:


The Kīpahulu District protects an intact ahupua'a, a traditional Native Hawaiian land division that protects all resources from sea to summit. The streams are home to endemic gobies and other fish species that evolved from ancient salt water ancestors. The following information will help you have a safe and enjoyable visit.

  • Dress for hot, humid, rainy weather.

  • Fill up your gas tank and bring food. Neither are available in the park.

  • Bring water, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, and wear sturdy shoes.

  • Paying the entrance fee with a credit card.

  • Kīpahulu is remote. Emergency medical assistance is at least one hour away.

  • Leave natural resources and cultural artifacts, rocks, and structures alone.

  • Flash floods and sudden rock falls can occur at any time! Swimming and wading in the

    streams is not recommended. Always stay out of closed areas.


Sights to See


Relax and enjoy your time among vibrant, lush vegetation and overlooks offering views of the breathtaking coastline. Keep an eye out for sea turtles, monk seals, dolphins, seabirds and humpback whales (December through April). Take time to spot freshwater stream inhabitants including shrimp and rock-climbing goby.




Be prepared for hot, humid weather year round. The weather can change rapidy; bring sun and rain protection. Wear sturdy, close-toed shoes on all trails. All trails are unpaved. Pets are not permitted on any trails.

Pīpīwai Trail


Take a hike up this 4-mile (round trip) trail that winds through a freshwater stream and diverse forest areas with views of waterfalls and other natural features. This trail is moderately strenuous with an 800-foot elevation change each way.

Kūloa Point Trail


This 1/2-mile (round trip) trail leaves the Kīpahulu Visitor Center and continues past a Hawaiian cultural demonstration area to the Kūloa Point at the mouth of 'Ohe'o Gulch. This trail is easy with an 80-foot elevation change each way.

Kahakai Trail


This 1/2-mile trail extends from Kūloa Point to the Kīpahulu Campground passing by archaeological sites and gorgeous ocean views.


Swimming is not recommended in the Kīpahulu District of the park. Water quality varies and violent flash floods or rock falls can occur in the stream at any time. Injuries and deaths have occurred. Visitors should always comply with signs, heed the guidance of park staff, and stay out of closed areas. It can take an ambulance up to 45 minutes to arrive at Kīpahulu from the nearest town. You are responsible for your own safety.


*Diving and jumping are prohibited. *Do not bring glass into the 'Ohe'o Gulch area. *Due to rough conditions, there is no safe ocean entry in Kpahulu.



This is a very popular stop for visitors and tour companies on the road to Hana.  Due to the popularity and over-crowding of the park and effects it is having on local residence's, a reservation is now required for all non-Maui residents. You can get your reservation and more information here:















BEACHES in our area:

In order of closest to farthest from our Haiku Surf property (check out the link provided for each beach to see detailed beach info)


HOOKIPA BEACH PARK: Surfing, watching surfers, windsurfing at the point, sea turtles, snorkeling in the summer when there are small to no waves (5.2 mile drive) hookipa-beach-park/

KUAU COVE ~ MAMA’S BEACH: great for kids, tide pools, ok snorkeling (5.5 mile drive)


TAVARES BEACH: mellow cove, good for kids, surfing (6.2 mile drive)


PAIA BAY: Bodyboarding, surfing, bathrooms, showers (7 mile drive)


BALDWIN BEACH PARK: The north shores most popular beach, great for long walks or running, swimming on either end. (7.7 mile drive)


BALDWIN COVE: Protected cove, free spirits, facilities, located at baldwin beach far right of the parking lot (7.7 mile drive)


BABY BEACH PAIA - NORTH SHORE: Dramatic protected lagoon beach, our favorite beach for families, swimming (9 mile drive)


KANAHA BEACH: water sports mecca, Best windsurfing & kitesurfing on earth, surfing, full facilities, picnic areas (14.3 mile drive)



For your convenience you can BOOK ALL YOUR ACTIVITiES IN ONE PLACE:







SKYLINE ECO-ADVENTURES HALEAKALA, Kula, utm_expid=.MuP7mzAYQn-oDh3jIDsIcg.0&utm_referrer=




For the traveler that would like to experience Haleakala the adventurous way:

Check out a tour that offers visiting the volcano and a self-guided bike ride back down to Haiku or Paia! Located 5 mins from our property in the Haiku Cannery Located 15 mins from our property in the town of Paia


For the more Adventurous traveler that wants to do a non-guided, non-tourist activity.

Rent a mountain bike from Krank cycles in Makawao 15 minutes from our property and check out Makawao Forest for some fun downhill biking or Haleakala summit trail riding for the more experienced rider. (ride at your own risk as these are non-guided, non-tourist activities)



  • Maui is known mostly as a world-class vacation destination, famous for its white-sand beaches and luxury resorts. But it’s paradise for those looking to explore the great outdoors, too.

  • If you’re avid hiker or backpacker looking to lace up your hiking boots and get away from it all, Maui is nirvana. From coastal trails surrounded by the sounds of gently crashing waves to multi-day treks through Haleakala, Maui boasts a range of hikes through all sorts of climates for all skill levels. These are a few of our favorites:


Sliding Sands Trail 

  • This hike isn’t for the faint of heart, but offers a glimpse of Haleakala that’s out of this world. You’ll travel at least 5 miles across the ancient shield volcano, known as the House of the Sun, where you can find plant species found nowhere else in the world — like the indigenous 'Ahinahina, or silver sword plant.

  • The trailhead is located at the summit’s visitor center. You’ll begin at the top of the crater, then descend 2,000 feet. Depending on your experience, you can choose to do a 5-mile round trip or continue farther, even possibly camping overnight. Be sure to bring water and prepare for weather, elevation and a steep climb as you explore one of the most stunning and untouched parts of Maui.


Waihe’e Ridge Trail 

  • Prepare to have your breath taken away. This 5-mile trek along a dramatic ridgeline offers panoramic views of Maui’s azure waters in one direction and lush, soaring cliffs in another as you ascend 1,500 feet in elevation.

  • As you climb steadily in altitude, you’ll move through several ecosystems, starting first along a road that leads through a grassy meadow. The rest of the trail travels through forests populated by Cook Island pine, guava trees, and swamp mahogany, eventually leading to a sweeping view of Maui’s north shore and the soaring slopes of Haleakala in the distance.


Hosmer Grove 

  • Perfect for the entire family, the loop trail through Hosmer Grove in Haleakala National Park travels just a half-mile through a lush forest of both indigenous and introduced trees. Cedar, spruce, pine and eucalyptus trees exude pleasant aromas that fill the crisp air, and you’ll occasionally hear the sounds of rare birds in the mountain forest. Located at 7,000 feet in elevation, it can get chilly, so be sure to bring a jacket.


Wai’anapanapa Coastal Trail 

  • You will need a reservation to visit this trail:

  • Meandering along the Hana coastline past hidden coves, blowholes, tidepools, Native Hawaiian cultural sites and black-sand beaches, the 2-mile Wai’anapanapa Coastal Trail is truly Mother Nature’s masterpiece. The first part of the trail is paved until you reach the first natural wonder: a massive blowhole that juts out from the rugged, lava rock coastline.

  • But don’t stop where the pavement ends. As you continue along the trail that runs adjacent to the coastline and sparkly blue water, you’ll see more blowholes, collapsed lava tubes and arches of rock. Be sure to keep an eye out for hidden coves, home to pristine, black-sand beaches.