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  • We have recently installed a WHOLE HOUSE FAN in our home.  IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE WHEN IT IS RAINING OUTSIDE! The whole house fan is to be used when it is dry outside, and the inside of the house is warmer than the outside temperature. This fan will help bring in the cooler outside air into the home to cool the inside and attic to lower overall inside temperatures. Best to use in the early morning or evening time. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS WHEN USING:

    1. MAKE SURE IT IS NOT RAINING OR HIGH HUMIDITY OUTSIDE!!!  The fan will pull all outside air including moisture into the home.  If there is rain or high humidity outside this can cause mold growth in our home if you bring this moisture inside. Use only when it is cooler outside than the temperature is inside of the home. 

    2. Open all windows in the home. The fan cannot be used if the windows are closed as it pulls air thru the windows into the home. Make sure the doors to the bedrooms are open into the hallway as well. We also recommend you turn on the bedroom fans to help circulate the air in the rooms while the whole house fan is on. 

    3. The fan switch is located at the end of the hallway marked Whole House Fan.  The fan vent is the white grate in the hallway ceiling. 

    4. Select 30 minutes or less on the timer switch for the fan to run.  It will automatically shut off on its own at the end of 30 minutes. You will hear 2 noises - clunk, clunk when it shuts off as that is the fan doors closing.

    5. Only use the fan when you are home. Please message us if you have any questions. 

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